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Radio New York Floor

Iain Willis

V2 iain wAs a young lad fresh out of school with no idea of how the big wide world works, I was fortunate for my first ever job to be in a record shop in Sunderland called Chartz Records. It was the mid 80's so it was mainly the electronic 80's sound that was around with the main RnB singers like Luther and Alexander O'Neal leading the way for soul. I however opted for the electronic 80's sound and fell in love with Soul & RnB around about the early 90's, however not before the early days of Rave.

Living in the coal mining area of the north east there was only one popular sound in the 90's and that was Hardcore...I could not stand the stuff and still can't to this day. So there i was all alone with my taste in music and over time had ended up with a massive collection of soulful and mellow 90's tracks (The Beloved, Mantronix etc) after listening to and seeing so many DJ's i then decided to invest in a pair of belt drive turntables (they were terrible lol), It took me years to get used to them and then finally the Pioneer CDJ 500's landed...I was reborn I loved them, my music collecting and fascination went into overdrive, I used to eat, sleep and drink house music, Finding a decent place for a night out was quite hard too back then, while all my friends were off to the hardcore nights I would look around and find nothing that palyed what i liked. Then SHINDIG (Newcastle, Riverside) opened it doors in 1992 and world renowned DJ's were on my door step and the best time of my life had begun. Thses nights created memories and helped me make friends for life all thanks to House Music.

While all this was going on I continued to polish my mixing skills and fine tune my style by playing in small bars and venues across the North of England which eventually led me to a regular slot on Pressure radio, so I would end by saying.... We are only on the earth for a short while so why not try and make you mark on it. I would like to think I have helped educate many people on the style and vibe of soulful & deep house through my mixes and would like to keep that side of house going as long as possible. It feels and looks like it is one of the main genres of house that's really struggling the past few years and it is mainly the mature heads that are loyal to this timeless art form of music however I'm sure the longevity and timlessness of the music we love will help keep it from fading totally and with the likes of VBW, Southport & Suncebeat championing it there's years of life left in it....and after all its ..MATURE MUSIC FOR MATURE EARS. Iain Willis inside the radio New York Floor.

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