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  • Andrea Fiorino

    V2 andrea fAndrea Fiorino's DJ career began in 1995, at the age of 16, and was motivated by listening to Lorenzo Al Dino's radio show on Austrian CD International radio station. At that time he occasionally DJ'd at his friend's club named Spider, located in his hometown of Brno, Czech Republic. It was very small, situated near to a college and visited mainly by students.

    He has also played in a few other clubs, where his older friends were DJing and were kind enough to let him spin few records. In 1999 he became a resident of a new club in the city centre named Remix with a capacity of about 500 party people. Since then he has played in many other clubs across the whole Czech Republic like Mecca, Radost FX, Roxy (Prague), Fabric (Ostrava), 7th Heaven (Brno) etc. During his career, he has spun records in Slovakia, Poland, Austria, Italy, Croatia, Greece and The UK. He has played alongside DJ names like Warren Clarke, ATFC, Paul Farris, Layo & Bushwacka!, Space DJz and many more.

    In 2000, he started to discover the world of producing and remixing. Since then he has made remixes for Czech and Slovak artists like Monkey Business, DJ Neo, Maduar or A-Tak! and one for the famous British group Kava Kava. He has done with his friends a few productions under the nicknames Mixtiq and Those Bad Guys plus lots of bootlegs and mashups.

    You can also listen to Andrea's house music radio show named Andrea Fiorino Mastermix on more than 30 radio stations. List of those radio stations with broadcast times and archive of broadcast episodes is to be found. Andrea Fiorino inside the radio New York Floor.

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  • José Diaz

    V2 joseThe House Music Adventure From Spain Ténérife Born in the North of Tenerife, 1971, at the age of 16 he began to explore the world of electronics, and everything related to devices dedicated to sound reproduction. He then began his studies in Industrial Electronics, where he participated in the construction and assembly of the FM Radio Station, Radio Joven, joining the broadcast team and dedicated to House sounds at that time. 

    During his career and until the completion of his studies, he participates and organizes events related to private parties in the North of Tenerife. Actively participating in sound and lighting structures. Carrying out projects of sequential and programmable automatons in terms of lighting & audio. Collaborations in some places in Puerto de la Cruz, in those years, was characterized by the constantly evolving music scene, influences and creativity.

    At the end of the 90's, early 2000, he moved to the south of the island, where he co-founded with Frank Sánchez from Tenerife Sunshine Radio. For 5 years a constant broadcast is established 24/7 in the Deep House & Tech House styles. Creating at that time, the GLOBAL ATTACK FESTIVAL, an online event where 48 hours of sessions were broadcast without interruption. 48 DJs from all over the world participated in these days.

    Parallel to his work on the radio, he participates in parties and local events in the south of the island, Adeje, taking what was captured on the Tenerife Sunshine Radio platforms to the real plane. Currently he continues to work and develop projects in his studio, collaborating with Labels and performing the DEEP SUNSET at the Palm Mar, Moon Lounge Bar, as well as his PODCAST, José Díaz, inspired by the fusion of sounds Deep & Organic House under the brand Wav In Music. He collaborates with weekly sessions on the radio New York Floor station.

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  • Richie Haynes

    V2 richieRichie Haynes has been into house music for over 20 years now. Lucky enough to grow up in the North of England in the late 80′s early 90′s. Enabling him to see all the legendary DJs that built the scene. He’s been DJ’ing since 94 and over the years has been into most scenes as they emerged, House, US Garage, UK Garage, Deep House, Funky House, Latin Vibes, Chicago Jack and of course the Soulful Vocal stuff. The C2E mixes are a reflection of those styles, usually starting off on a mellow vibe progressing through to the chunky stuff before bringing you safely back down on the other side. The common theme being great quality bottom heavy, shake your ass music. Taking inspiration from house greats like MAW, Dave Lee, Grant Nelson, Quentin Harris, DJ Spen, Karizma, Tony Humphries, Kerri Chandler, Brian Tappert, Graham Park, Mike Pickering, Liquid People – the list goes on. Richie moved to Sydney in 2006 and while it’s a great place he still feels a strong connection to the UK scene, there’s just nothing else quite like it. The C2E Music podcast started in 2008 and has seen a release almost every month since. During this time he’s gained a great global following of like minded deep soulful house lovers he is proud to call his C2E family. Now in 2012 he joins the Pressure family to share his sound every week. Representing the southern hemisphere but with a very northern sound he’s very much looking forward to the latest chapter in C2E music’s history. Richie Haynes inside the radio New York Floor.

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  • DJ Paul

    V2 dj paulCAPITALDISKO is a 24/7 internet radio station, physically situated in Hong Kong, broadcasting high quality above soulful music over the internet . Capitaldisko presents a finest choice from Soulful to Deep/Vocal, Nugroove and Disco from selected DJs and labels worldwide. Live broadcasts from Hong Kong and worldwide are a main focus of the station. The station was founded in 2016 by DJ Mike Belmondo and DJ Paul Venice inside the radio New York Floor..

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  • B.Selekt

    V2 b selektBen was born 1990 in Berlin. With ten years he begun to play drums. Two years later he discovered his love for djing. At this point his passion for electronic music grows constantly, till to his first own production ideas, which he has realized then in the age of seventeen. 2008 he decided to go for Audioengineer studies. After he has finished the studies, he rent a studio in Berlin. With influnces from Jeff Mills, Dave Clarke, Ralf Hildenbeutel, Klaus Jankuhn, Hardy Hard , Todd Terje or Todd Terry he’s developing his sound. 2013 he has had his debut release on 99 waves with the sunstroke EP and his Album “Klimaanlage” on Clubstream Mix. In June 2014 he released the “Palm EP” on Bounce House Recordings. After this release his music becomes deeper and he did really important steps to develope his new sound. So the next decision was to change the artist name to B Selekt and he stands now for a real wide range sound which belongs always to the Dancefloor. B Selekt inside the radio New York Floor.

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  • Mike Millrain

    V2 mikeMike Millrain has been DJing & producing house & garage since the mid nineties under a host of alias’ including Soul Rebels, Large Joints, Urban Myths, D-Base & DJ South Central. He has previously had radio shows on London’s House FM, Upfront FM & monthly residencies at Twice As Nice, Cookies & Cream & Freedom @ Bagelys Warehouse.

    Having set up his own label Soul Revolution Records in 2014, Mike continues to produce & release underground house & garage, whilst his “Deep ’N’ Bumpy” series of podcasts & D3ep Radio Network show continue to grow in popularity. His recent releases include remixes of Example, Golf Clap, Low Steppa & Jax Jones with tracks on Simma Black, Country Club Disco, Form & Function & Soul Revolution Records. Mike Millrain inside the radio New York Floor.

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  • Iain Willis

    V2 iain wAs a young lad fresh out of school with no idea of how the big wide world works, I was fortunate for my first ever job to be in a record shop in Sunderland called Chartz Records. It was the mid 80's so it was mainly the electronic 80's sound that was around with the main RnB singers like Luther and Alexander O'Neal leading the way for soul. I however opted for the electronic 80's sound and fell in love with Soul & RnB around about the early 90's, however not before the early days of Rave.

    Living in the coal mining area of the north east there was only one popular sound in the 90's and that was Hardcore...I could not stand the stuff and still can't to this day. So there i was all alone with my taste in music and over time had ended up with a massive collection of soulful and mellow 90's tracks (The Beloved, Mantronix etc) after listening to and seeing so many DJ's i then decided to invest in a pair of belt drive turntables (they were terrible lol), It took me years to get used to them and then finally the Pioneer CDJ 500's landed...I was reborn I loved them, my music collecting and fascination went into overdrive, I used to eat, sleep and drink house music, Finding a decent place for a night out was quite hard too back then, while all my friends were off to the hardcore nights I would look around and find nothing that palyed what i liked. Then SHINDIG (Newcastle, Riverside) opened it doors in 1992 and world renowned DJ's were on my door step and the best time of my life had begun. Thses nights created memories and helped me make friends for life all thanks to House Music.

    While all this was going on I continued to polish my mixing skills and fine tune my style by playing in small bars and venues across the North of England which eventually led me to a regular slot on Pressure radio, so I would end by saying.... We are only on the earth for a short while so why not try and make you mark on it. I would like to think I have helped educate many people on the style and vibe of soulful & deep house through my mixes and would like to keep that side of house going as long as possible. It feels and looks like it is one of the main genres of house that's really struggling the past few years and it is mainly the mature heads that are loyal to this timeless art form of music however I'm sure the longevity and timlessness of the music we love will help keep it from fading totally and with the likes of VBW, Southport & Suncebeat championing it there's years of life left in it....and after all its ..MATURE MUSIC FOR MATURE EARS. Iain Willis inside the radio New York Floor.

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  • DJ Marcus Wade

    V2 marcusDJ Marcus Wade that focuses on Gospel & Inspirational House Music, “Music is my life” is often an over used slogan. But being born into a musical family, this quote is a true attribute of  DJ Marcus aka Electro Bro. It has been because of this early love of music that Marcuis ventured into the life of an international music professional from Charlotte, United States. DJ Marcus Wade is recognized as an innovator and driving force in the Carolina house music scene. His music and production style is a fusion of soulful and inspirational house to tech house. Originally, house music was not the a main focus of DJ Marcus. He credits his wife, who is a true househead, for pressing him to play more house music in his sets. The more he played, the more he loved it. But it is the uniqueness of his house music selections that sets him apart from other Djs.

    DJ Marcus states, “I love to mix soulful and inspirational house music. I love the melodic baselines and strong vocals. This style of house music reminds me of my church roots. I know this style is different from the norm. I don’t just make or play music to be making or playing music. The music I play and produce has to have meaning . . . and purpose.”

    Since the mid 90′s, DJ Marcus has spinning his special flavors of house music in the US. In 1998, he renovated and opened Club Salt Shaker in North Carolina. In 2001, DJ Marcus created and launched the independently syndicated radio program “Cross Culture Radio”, a 2 hour radio show that featured the latest in soulful house music seamless mixed on several terrestrial radio and internet stations. Today, Cross Culture Radio has been rebranded as Salt Shaker Radio and is currently aired weekly on internet radio stations worldwide. In 2006, Salt Shaker Productions was established as an event production company. Salt Shaker Productions has produced several festival events in the state of North Carolina and continues to create and produce events during the Winter Music Conference, IPM Rome and in Ibiza. DJ Marcus launched Salt Shaker Records in early 2010. Salt Shaker Records focuses on the creation and promotion of quality house music that impacts this world.

    Salt Shaker Music Group was created by DJ Marcus in 2013 as an umbrella organization to manage the business of Salt Shaker Records and Salt Shaker Production. DJ Marcus and the team at Salt Shaker Music Group are creating music brands and products aimed at impacting this world through dance music. It is through these avenues that DJ Marcus will fulfill his creed, “The world is my stage. House music is my voice. It’s time to be heard..” DJ Marcus Wade inside the radio New York Floor.

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  • Sara Nishino

    V2 sara

    Hi, I'm Dj Sara Nishino From Tokyo, Japan's bustling capital, Tokyo blends ultra-modern and traditional styles, in a mix of glowing neon skyscrapers and ancient temples. The sumptuous Meiji-jingū is a Shinto shrine renowned for its imposing entrance and the surrounding woods. The Imperial Palace is surrounded by extensive public gardens. The city's many museums offer exhibits ranging from classical art, the Tokyo National Museum, a reconstructed kabuki theater, the Edo-Tokyo Museum. This is my "Soulful House" Mastermix "SOUL CHARGE". Dj Sara Nishino inside the radio New York Floor, Please enjoy.

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  • Jose Zaragoza

    V2 jose zaragoza 1DJ and producer Jose Zaragoza is trying to be one of the most talked about artists within the current Dance music community. Jose Zaragoza from Chicago is following the steps of his legendary mentors Tony Rodriguez and Burt Blanchard and has been the mastermind behind productions like: ‘Beat This’, ‘So Happy’, ‘Start Of A Revolution’, ‘I Don’t Need You’ and ‘Clap Your Hands’.

    Now splitting his time between Chicago, and La Grange Illinois, Jose love affair with house music has grown from mobile dj to traveling the globe, as he's headline and played many club and festivals across the world. Jose is known for rocking his big room, progressive, uptempo tech-house, funky filtered, disco influenced, and soulful sound. Since being named a dj to watch in Urb Magazine in 2001, Jose has continued to build and rock crowds around the world. In 2006 Jose started promoting his own parties at Smart Bar called “Thursday Night Sessions”, where he is one of the biggest dj’s in the dance scene.

    Jose formed Deep Hype Sounds Records in 2008. The label continues to grow, and also helps build a following for Jose's first track on the label, "To the One I Love" jump-started the label; it was support by DJ's and radio shows around the world. Jose tracks have charted countless times at many stores. Jose is also in demand for remixes, as his production continues to grow. Jose music has appeared on: Robsoul, Casa Rossa, Restore Music, Altered Bells, Cube Tip Records, FineGrind Audio Oxo recordings, Greenhouse, Smooth Agent Records and many others.

    Since 2015, Jose started his online show “JZ Music Radio Show”. The show continues to grow, reaching listeners from all over the globe through mixcloud and heartis. The new show allows Jose to feature new production from the Deep Hype Sounds label, and many of the hot tunes that Jose plays on his travels. Jose has appeared in different publications: Vents Magazine, Musiccrowns, Ihouseu, Eastcoastgrooves, edmboutique, Mixer Magazine, Klublife, Tribe, Nocturnal, Muzik, Ottawa Express, The Coast, M8, International DJ, BPM, Urb, Red Eye, Timeout Chicago to name a few. Jose Zaragoza inside the radio New York Floor.

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  • DJ Dacha NYC

    V2 dj dachaDJ Dacha from NYC, Soulful, Deep, House Music. Enjoy some of the best House MusicNew York City is rapidly developing a very active scene, particularly focused on garage, vocal house heiress of disco, inspired by the club where DJ Larry Levan played, the Paradise Garage. House Music is a musical genre descended from 1970s disco. DJ Dacha inside the radio New York Floor.

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  • The Funky Groove

    V2 funky gFrom Canada, Montréal Soulful & Deep House inside the Mastermix radio New York Floor, The Funky Groove.

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  • Riccardo Senseless

    Riccardo 1Riccardo Senseless made his debut in Disco & Italo DJ. And when House music arrived at the end of the 80s, he was captivated by this movement of freedom and by its futuristic sounds. After an 18-year break, Riccardo Senseless is now back, with a strong attachment to current trends : Nu-Disco, Funk, Soul & Disco Classics & Edits. Riccardo Senseless inside the radio New York Floor.

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  • Deejay Haas

    V2 dj haasDJ Haas Producer from Amsterdam, meatball from Febo's vending machines. Where to eat in Amsterdam ? This city has it all! house music & disco show, inside the radio New York Floor.

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  • Hernan Cattaneo

    V2 hernanIf ever there was an artist who doesn’t need an introduction, it has to be the man known to music lovers the world over simply as El Maestro. Throughout his rise to become both a foundation and a founding father of the underground house scene, the name Hernán Cattáneo has become synonymous with dedication, passion and an unwavering commitment to championing a unique quality of music that is hard to define, but instantly recognisable as his signature sound. His effortless ability to clock up more than 30 years of DJing, 11 albums, 30 singles and 50 remixes is the legacy of a uniquely powerful personal touch, which ensured that Hernán stood out from the start. During his first DJ residency at Buenos Aires’ legendary Clubland, it was Hernán’s winning combination of humble professionalism, primal passion for the music and deep­rooted dedication to the dancefloor­lovers which enabled him to make his mark as a warm­up DJ for some of the biggest names in dance music.

    And it was his friendships with those names ­ among them Paul Oakenfold, John Digweed and Sasha ­ that set him on the path to superstardom. Within just a few short years of embarking on an international DJ career, Hernán became the first ever South American resident for global brand Cream; won residencies at Cream in Ibiza and Liverpool and Pacha in Buenos Aires and Ibiza; and went on to grace the DJ Mag Top 100 poll ten years in a row.

    The quality of his selection and production skills were soon being called on by the biggest house labels, including Bedrock, Perfecto, Renaissance and Balance. As his global career grew, so too did his legions of fans, and word spread worldwide about the man whose legendary all­night sets had the power to set your feet on fire and make your soul sing. Long­since established as a hot ticket in any town, Hernán’s legendary all­night sets have seen him conquer every corner of the globe. From Warung Brazil, Yellow in Tokyo and LA’s Avalon to Stereo Montreal, Burning Man and London’s Ministry of Sound, there is scarcely a club, festival or dancefloor on the planet that hasn’t been transported on a masterful music journey lasting long after the ebb of the final beat.

    But beyond his own achievements and accolades, there are much deeper motivations moving the man who has become one of Argentina’s most treasured musical exports. As one of the rarified few artists to reach the very top, he works tirelessly to give his all back to the scene that supported him on his way up. Rightly renowned for his consistent championing of up and coming artists and labels, he has become as applauded for spotlighting the talent of the next generation as for his own skills.

    Through his DJ sets, his own Sudbeat label and his world­famous weekly Resident radio show, he is constantly connecting a global community, and providing an essential platform which enables new stars to shine. And while his own star continues to soar, perhaps Hernan’s greatest passion lies in empowering others to enjoy the best house music in the world, and shaping the future of that music for generations to come. Hernán Cattáneo inside the radio New York Floor.

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  • Paul Reynolds

    V2 paul 1Paul Reynolds AKA Pappafunk from London  inside the radio New York Floor is a veteran DJ with more enthusiasm and energy than most people. Growing up on an eclectic style of music, Pappafunk is hard to pin down musically, his parents bought him his first vinyl when he was just 8 eight years old. Inspired by the Hip Hop scene from the early 80's...he started collecting vinyls. In his early teens he discovered late night parties, and started gigs in local London venues and private parties. A vinyl junkie with a collection to match his passion Pappafunk has been entertaining audience and critical praise for his versatile styled music. Quite simply, Pappafunk is encyclopaedic in his knowledge of House, Funk, Electro, Latin, Afro beat, Jazz, Disco and takes music lovers on a beautiful journey. After being involved in the music scene for the last 25 years, Pappafunk has shared the decks with well-know international DJ's such as Frankie Valentine, Bradley Zero, DJ Jus-Ed, Jenifa Mayanja and Giles Smith.

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  • Stéphane Sharp

    V2 stephane s 1Stéphane Sharp, inside the Radio New York Floor found his musical inspiration in the 90’s with vibes from Laurent Garnier, Danny Tenaglia, Sven Väth, Richie Hawtin and Daft Punk’s album "Homework". After a holiday in IBIZA in 2000, he realized that's where he wanted to live, and 4 years later he moved there. Then his international Dj career started with some prestigious residencies in Playa Den Bossa and in many famous places on the island.

    As the whole planet goes to party there every summer, year after year thousands of clubbers from all over the world have been dancing on his sets at Privilege, Destino, Es Paradis, and Hotel Pacha just to name a few. His talent also reached the best radio stations, as his music is played on Pure Ibiza Radio, Ibiza Global Radio, and UP Radio Mar del Plata (Argentina).

    In 2006 he was in charge of the musical sessions of Raza Clubber Ibiza, where he has been playing untill 2014 for the showcases of the island’s best promoters like Enter, Music On, Café Olé and SupermartXé. Since 2008 up untill now 2021, Stéphane continues to be resident Dj for the famous party "Just Scandal", and mixed weekly during the Summer of 2013 at Destino, the newest resort of Pacha, where names like Solomun, Luciano or Loco Dice also played. Thanks to his numerous sets all over the white island, he shared his booth with some of the greatest artists like Jamie Lewis, Prok & Fitch, Neverdogs, David Moreno, Iban Mendoza, Jose De Divina,... and then found his own style which is a really nice and unique blend of Deep House, Progressive and Balearic beats.

    STEPHANE 'S' is now part of the french label Dragsonor Records and produces his own house music with the same passion and energy as in his sets. His first realeases "Dalt Vila" & "Happy Robot Disco" (Underground Remix) are available on i-tunes, Amazon, Beatport, Traxsource, and his last track "I Want You" is also on the compilations "Labelworx ADE Deep 2015" and "DragTGIF 2017".

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  • Pasha Brisk

    V2 pashaThe Radioshow Summer Fondue Sessions was launched in 2006, first at UK-based station SSRadio. It was a bi-monthly show filled with deep, jazzy, soulful and funky tunes, in 2008 it was extended and now airs on radio New York Floor and a number of FM stations and a dozen online stations across the world. From 2010, the show was co-hosted by young and talented Russian DJ Pasha Brisk.

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  • DJ Soulmate

    V 2 soulmate

    Soulmate has been the resident DJ for several Moscow clubs for years including the legendary Propaganda and has played numerous events across the city. Local tourist activities include Saint Petersburg, Yerevan and Khabarovsk. In summer 2009 he was the official DJ of Martini Terrazza at the Kinotavr Film Festival in Sochi (UK), in 2010 played at the Funk In You event in London (UK), and in 2011 on tour in Prague (CZ ) to play KUBar and SaSaZu . As a resident DJ of the Soul Color project (the first Russian soul house parties), we organized international tours in Moscow and played with soul DJ's such as Richard Earnshaw, DJ Meme, Central Avenue, Roberto De Carlo, Sonny Fodera, Soulmagic. Inside the radio New York Floor.

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  • Eve Ryse

    V2 eveRetrouvez Eve Ryse originaire de Nancy, une passionnée, sur Radio New York Floor, découvrez les mixages artistiques et le son de New York. Amoureuse et autodidacte Eve Ryse, vous fera voyager  Soulful, Garage, House Music. Nancy, une ville en bord de rivière située dans la région du Grand Est, au nord-est de la France, est connue pour ses sites de style Baroque tardif et Art nouveau. Certains datent de l'époque où la cité était l'ancienne capitale du duché de Lorraine. Son lieu emblématique est la place Stanislas, datant du XVIIIe siècle. Cette immense place, décorée de grilles en fer forgé dorées et de fontaines rococo, se trouve au milieu des superbes palais et églises dont regorge la vieille ville médiévale de Nancy.

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  • Ricco Cordero

    V2 riccoRadio NYF. Ricco Cordero Djaimin Family. Se promener sur le site historique de Lyon, c'est flâner à travers le temps, depuis sa fondation en 43 avant J.-C. jusqu'à nos jours. La ville a gardé des traces permanentes et continues des périodes qui ont marqué son histoire. L’origine de l’installation de l’homme sur le site de la ville de Lyon remonte vraisemblablement à 10 000 ans av. J.-C. au Nord en bordure de Saône, à Lyon-Vaise (9e) où un port important y était présent. Ensuite, la population se densifia progressivement pendant l’âge du Bronze et l’âge du Fer.

    C’est à partir de 43 av. J.-C. que le gouverneur romain Munacius Plancus fonda une colonie sur Fourvière dénommée Lugdunum. La ville devint vers 20 av. J.-C. le point de départ des quatre grandes voies romaines vers le Rhin, la Manche, l’Aquitaine et la Narbonnaise. La cité restera prospère jusqu’au milieu du IIe siècle et devint capitale économique de la Gaulle. Elle s’étendit sur les d eux rives de la Saône et la Presqu’Île avec une population estimée jusqu’à 50 000 habitants. Au IIIe siècle, Lyon subit les invasions germaniques et le brigandage : la ville déclina et les habitants se déplacèrent de Fourvière vers Saint-Paul et Saint-Georges. Le nouveau centre correspondait alors au groupe épiscopal de Saint-Jean. Au Moyen Age, Lyon se développe le long de la Saône et devient la deuxième ville de la chrétienté médiévale, derrière Rome.

    À la Renaissance, la cité possède quatre foires annuelles de deux semaines chacune. Internationale, Lyon devient un centre financier et héberge des succursales de banquiers italiens, florentins, milanais et lucquois. En 473, Barthélémy Buyer introduit l’imprimerie dans la ville. Le plus grand siècle de Lyon fut sans doute le XVIe siècle : 60 000 habitants, plate-forme de commerce européen, relations avec les pays méditerranéens, le Nord de la France, la Rhénanie et la Suisse. En même temps, la ville compte un grand nombre de manufactures de tissage de soie, qui vont se développer au XIXe siècle passant du quartier Saint-Georges à la Croix-Rousse.

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  • eXo & Dino

    V2 exo dinoeXo & Dino From Italia the passion for house music, new releases and own works, like dj sets and remixes. Inside the radio New York Floor.

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  • Pedro Pacheco

    V2 pedroPedro Pacheco Former DJ in the 80´s, I start DJing in bars then in Clubs. After 10 years, stopped mixing professionally. Influenced by the harmonic sound, beat and groove of Jazz, Soul, Funk and Disco music since very young. I have always cultivated and never shelved the musical world so, even if I don´t mix professionally for + 27 years I kept my attention regarding all the evolution of mixing and DJing. Nowadays Soulful, Funk & Disco house are my preferences but never forgetting that (old) sound that influenced all those new ones. Pedro Pacheco inside the radio New York Floor.

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  • David Morales

    V2 david m 1David Morales is a globally revered American DJ, a Grammy award-winning record producer, a songwriter, and a businessman. He has produced and remixed over 500 records for an all-star roster of multi-platinum artists, including Mariah Carey, U2, Michael Jackson, Aretha Franklin, Madonna, and Whitney Houston. The global phenomenon and penetration of dance music into Top 40 radio would not have been possible without him.A native New Yorker, Morales was one of the first superstar DJs to actively tour the world—and his activity, over the years, has only increased. Recent 2019 headlining dates include the U.K.’s 51st State Festival; a back-to-back set with Luciano at IMS’ Dalt Villa party; massive five-hour “tag team” sets with Louie Vega; sold-out events at Manchester’s Victoria Warehouse, Avant Gardner in New York, and A Night in Paradise at London’s Ministry of Sound. Coinciding with these dates was Morales’ keynote interview and official party headliner at the Brighton Music Conference, which included a streamed set on the British Airways i360 Tower.Not one to rest on his laurels, in the midst of this non-stop tour schedule, Morales launched Diridim Records in 2018. With this new label, Morales is signing and developing artists—and naturally, releasing some of his own productions. Diridim celebrates all dance music, from the classic sounds Morales is known for to straight up electronic. Releases in 2019 include the multi-volume “The Red Zone Project,” Izizwe, featuring Shota, and collaborations, “There Must Be Love” and “Freedom” with Janice Robinson. His unquenchable thirst for newness is precisely why this native New Yorker remains relevant. “It is about keeping an open mind,” Morales explains. David Morales inside the radio New York Floor.

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  • Funkji Mixer

    V2 funkyji mixer 2Soulful House & Disco, Funkji Mixer from Murcia in Spain inside the radio New York Floor. The best quality.

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  • Annie Mac Bright

    V2 annieDécouvrez Annie Mac Bright est une Parisienne. Amoureuse de la musique depuis toujours, Annie mixe sur Radio New York Floor. Paris, capitale de la France, est une grande ville européenne et un centre mondial de l'art, de la mode, de la gastronomie et de la culture. Son paysage urbain du XIXe siècle est traversé par de larges boulevards et la Seine. Outre les monuments comme la tour Eiffel et la cathédrale gothique Notre-Dame du XIIe siècle, la ville est réputée pour ses cafés et ses boutiques de luxe bordant la rue du Faubourg-Saint-Honoré.

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  • Kenny Carpenter

    V2 kennyKenny Carpenter is a DJ who has gone through from every part of nightlife from doing the lights with Walter Gibbons to DJing at Studio 54, where has been the resident DJ for more than 20 years. He’s an old-fashioned entertainer who knows to have a good time, is as dapper come as they and can really rock a party!! In the 80′s his early club experiences lead to his employment as a light technician at the then famous “Galaxy 21” on West 23rd Street, and “The Inferno” on West 19th Street in NYC.

    Still hungry for the turn-tables he moved on to spinning records first in small venues, and then inevitably to a Saturday Night Residency in the forever famous, infamous, and world renowed “STUDIO 54” on West 54th Street. After the closing of Studio 54, Kenny was hired as the Saturday Night Resident DJ in a venue the size of an airplane hanger, the 5,000 person capacity Bond’s International Casino. His resulting popularity and increasing fame led to international opportunities in worldwide. Some of his then biggest contemporaries, and still friends to this day, include Francois Kevorkian, Frankie Knuckles, David Morales, Little Louie Vega, and Tedd Patterson.

    He has been long time friends and enjoyed many collaborations with recording artists the likes of Anthony Malloy, Kenny Bobien, and Strafe. He continues to produce and , where possible, forge creative relationships with artists such as Wendy Lewis, Madonna, Jennifer Holiday, Michael Jackson, Robin S., and Majestic K. Funk. On his new website the Living DJ Legend Kenny Carpenter, describes his professional & global function today as a dj/producer, that has become a necessity to help complement and enhance his talent, experience, and professionalism.

    It’s time for him to take advantage of the ability he’s acquired to make people, young and older, move, think, and feel, by making his concepts available to all who are interested in the evolution of club music”!!! Kenny Carpenter has had many years of experience working on New York’s number one radio station called WBLS and he’s done many guest sets on KISS FM in London but Producing and Remixing Music has become his latest acquired passion and you can expect some big surprises in the future which include new productions for Madonna, Kenny Bobien, Kathy Brown, Shaun Escoffery and Wendy Lewis. Kenny continues to travel extensively and perform in some of the most fashionable venues worldwide. Kenny Carpenter inside the radio New York Floor, Djaimin Family.

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  • Tony Humphries

    V2 tonyWhen thinking about Tony Humphries, you might be minded of his epic stint at KISS FM-NYC as one of its greatest Mastermixers; or of his residency at one of the greatest US clubs, The Zanzibar; or, even, the walls that are lined with gold discs, from Indeep to Janet Jackson; or his legendary eclecticism for throwing whatever works into the mix, from The B-52’s or Rhythim Is Rhythim to Blaze. Heck, Tony Humphries is, of course, all of those things and more. But then, there’s the Tony of today, restless, questing, searching for new challenges. Which, when you think about it, is pretty much how Tony has always been. 

    Few people realize just how deeply steeped in performing Tony Humphries’ family is. His father, Rene “El Grande Combo” Humphries, an émigré from Colombia in the 1950s, was a prominent bandleader in New York, heading his New York Combo for many years alongside peers like Tito Puente and Eddie Palmieri. His uncle was the radical dance choreographer Eleo Pomare, while among his cousins are Keiann Collins, a Hollywood producer. The gifted guitarist (and Tony collaborator) André Lasalle, the actor/producer Kenneth Dixon and the dancer/choreographer Jian Piere-Louis who, says Tony, “wants to learn Djing from me, friggin’ crazy!” Tony and family are pretty much the Jackson 5 of Brooklyn.

    Tony Humphries has now been DJing nearly 35 years, an incredible achievement that in any other industry would have been rewarded with a carriage clock, service medal and a free bus pass. His big break came through a chance meeting with Mastermixer Shep Pettibone at the offices of Prelude Records. A shy Humphries handed over his 120-minute mixtape to Shep and then forgot all about it.

    A few days later, he received the following message from Shep. “Hey Tony! This is Shep Pettibone. I was the chillin’ on the beach listening to your cassette tape, and it was fierce! I work for a radio station in NYC called WBLS and there’s this new radio station starting called Kiss FM and I got a new job there where I’m responsible for 16 hours of music programming.

    Do you think you could put together four hours of music and have it delivered by tomorrow afternoon?” Kiss FM became the hottest station in the five boroughs and Humphries’ star rose and his show went on to last for many years both at KISS and, later, HOT 97. His lengthy stints at both stations were not simply an exercise in career furtherment, but a way of introducing new music and acts to the city of New York and further afield.

    “The whole purpose of my two hours on KISS is to break new people,” Tony told Muzik. “If you can’t break them they you shouldn’t have the job. Anybody can play to a crowd and play last week’s hits and have people screaming. What does that accomplish? They pay you a couple of hundred dollars and you go home.

    People won’t remember you; they’ll remember the records. You have to make them think, ‘that’s the record I heard Tony play at Zanzibar’. If they don’t do that, who are you?” Tony’s shows were widely followed by industry and fans alike – with the same sort of impact and reach to Pete Tong in the UK. Techno don Kevin Saunderson recalled a pivotal moment in his early career. “I told my brother that I was making music now. He’s like, ‘Sure you are!’ So I go back to visit my family in New York.

    Tony Humphries is on and ‘Triangle of Love’ comes on in the mix. ‘That’s my record! That’s my record!’ That was so inspirational. It’s one thing to make a record but it’s a different level of excitement to hear it played on the radio.” Although Humphries was born and raised in Brooklyn, NY, he has long been associated with New Jersey and the reason for that is his long-held residency at Club Zanzibar in Newark, where he began spinning in 1982. Zanzibar became synonymous with a new soulful electronic sound, labelled the Jersey sound, but with Tony’s hands at the tiller it was a vastly more varied menu than that suggests, since he was there at the birth of house music and helped nurture its development in both Jersey and New York. “It wasn’t like going to a house club or a techno club or a classics club, everything was intertwined,” explains Tony.

    “The hours were long, so obviously you didn’t want to hear ten hours of straight house music. If you’re going to pay $15-20 to hear this guy, you want to hear the whole damn spectrum and whatever it is, it better be quality. And, believe me, you had to come with everything possible. Talking Heads and The B-52s don’t sound like Zanzibar/Garage records, but they were. They were just funky records. I think that’s what the Zanzibar’s appeal was.” Tony Humpries & Djaimin family inside the radio New York Floor.

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  • Dario Djaimin

    V2 djaiminWith a career spanning more than 30 years, DJ Djaimin has been from The 80’s The pioneer in the evolution of dance music in Switzerland. From his legendary parties at the Casino of  Montreux. Being the first person to introduce the American house sound to Switzerland by inviting NYC radio DJ Tony Humphries. Performing The radio shows on national station Couleur 3 with collaborator Mr.Mike, well know under the name "Black and White Brothers".In the same Time he made history by producing the first song From a Swiss artist released to Strictly Rhythm Records Nyc "Give You" in 1991 who became N°1 in UK and now a Classic of House Music ... Well known also for compose this international dance hits classics “Pump It Up” and "Put your Hand Up" with Mr.Mike aka the "Black and White Bros". Djaimin (born : Dario Djaimin Mancini) is one of the top DJs/producers in Europe. Inspired by New York-based DJ, Kult Tony Humphries, the originator of house music, he became one of the first DJs to present live house music on Swiss radio. As the resident DJ at such popular Swiss clubs as the Plantinum Club in Montreux, during the 1980s, 90, 2000 he helped to introduce Switzerland to the irresistible grooves of House Music. Add to that, he got a tremendous productions and remixes list for various international artists, and himself with top labels collaboration : Tony Records , SlipnSlide , Purple Music , Universal , Warner Bros, etc ... who became Top singles in many countries.see the entire discography of Dj Djaimin : or digitals platform such as Traxsource, Beatport, etc... Djaimin inside the radio New York Floor.

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