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Dario Djaimin

V2 djaiminWith a career spanning more than 30 years, DJ Djaimin has been from The 80’s The pioneer in the evolution of dance music in Switzerland. From his legendary parties at the Casino of  Montreux. Being the first person to introduce the American house sound to Switzerland by inviting NYC radio DJ Tony Humphries. Performing The radio shows on national station Couleur 3 with collaborator Mr.Mike, well know under the name "Black and White Brothers".In the same Time he made history by producing the first song From a Swiss artist released to Strictly Rhythm Records Nyc "Give You" in 1991 who became N°1 in UK and now a Classic of House Music ... Well known also for compose this international dance hits classics “Pump It Up” and "Put your Hand Up" with Mr.Mike aka the "Black and White Bros". Djaimin (born : Dario Djaimin Mancini) is one of the top DJs/producers in Europe. Inspired by New York-based DJ, Kult Tony Humphries, the originator of house music, he became one of the first DJs to present live house music on Swiss radio. As the resident DJ at such popular Swiss clubs as the Plantinum Club in Montreux, during the 1980s, 90, 2000 he helped to introduce Switzerland to the irresistible grooves of House Music. Add to that, he got a tremendous productions and remixes list for various international artists, and himself with top labels collaboration : Tony Records , SlipnSlide , Purple Music , Universal , Warner Bros, etc ... who became Top singles in many countries.see the entire discography of Dj Djaimin : or digitals platform such as Traxsource, Beatport, etc... Djaimin inside the radio New York Floor.

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