Radio New York Floor


V2 b selektBen was born 1990 in Berlin. With ten years he begun to play drums. Two years later he discovered his love for djing. At this point his passion for electronic music grows constantly, till to his first own production ideas, which he has realized then in the age of seventeen. 2008 he decided to go for Audioengineer studies. After he has finished the studies, he rent a studio in Berlin. With influnces from Jeff Mills, Dave Clarke, Ralf Hildenbeutel, Klaus Jankuhn, Hardy Hard , Todd Terje or Todd Terry he’s developing his sound. 2013 he has had his debut release on 99 waves with the sunstroke EP and his Album “Klimaanlage” on Clubstream Mix. In June 2014 he released the “Palm EP” on Bounce House Recordings. After this release his music becomes deeper and he did really important steps to develope his new sound. So the next decision was to change the artist name to B Selekt and he stands now for a real wide range sound which belongs always to the Dancefloor. B Selekt inside the radio New York Floor.

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